Laura Luftus

Laura  Luftus
Laura Luftus

Laura graduated at the top of her class with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA in 2007. Her goal upon graduating was to work with the best manual therapists in the Hudson Valley, which brought her to Nina Silverman Physical Therapy. Since then she learns continuously from her patients, her colleagues, research, and regular courses in both cutting-edge and classic therapies.

Before becoming a physical therapist, Laura ran her own custom furniture business. Once she mastered the mechanical and aesthetic skills of milling, surfacing, joining, carving, and finishing the temperamental medium of wood, she was ready for the challenge of the human body.

 Over the last few years, she has prioritized Fascial Counterstrain in her continuing education. This is an evolving field of manual therapy. As Laura develops her skills in this technique, she finds she can identify and release restrictions much faster and effect change much deeper in the fascial structure. Her patients appreciate the quick, gentle progress to their goals.