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Nina Silverman, PT

The following letter appeared in the Kingston Freeman for four consecutive Mondays beginning June 18, 2007 and also in all of Ulster Publishings' weekly "Times" editions throughout the Hudson Valley.

Who is Nina Silverman?, By Alfred V. Zamm, M.D.

My wife suddenly developed excruciating pain in her lower back and right thigh. Because of the severity and distribution of the pain, the neurologist was not sure which of a number of possible causes were responsible for such severe pain, and immediate hospitalization was prescribed.

In the hospital, a variety of tests were ordered and provided a diagnosis: Spinal bones were pressing on a spinal nerve. Subsequent medication in and out of the hospital was a failure; the unremitting severe pain and the resultant sleep deprivation continued. The side effects of the medications resulted in more problems than benefits; now she had two problems: the affliction and the cure.

The neurologist then suggested that she visit a physical therapist, resulting in four more weeks of unremitting severe pain, sleeplessness, and exhaustion- the physical therapy was a failure. What to do? I was at a loss; the "experts" had not provided any relief and my wife was in exactly the same state as when she first started over four weeks ago- and maybe a little worse as a result of the manipulation by the physical therapist.

In desperation I made phone calls to other health professionals and finally spoke with and out-of-town physical therapist who, upon hearing my plight, immediately said, "Every physical therapist in the Hudson Valley knows who to call when they have a problem case: Nina Silverman." I asked, "Who is Nina Silverman?" He replied, "She's a physical therapist who solves problems. You'll see. Just call her."

My wife's first visit with Nina Silverman took over an hour, and after that she walked out on her own-no crutches, no walker, no medication- 50% improved and was still improving with the exercises that were prescribed:

Thank You, Nina Silverman- you are the problem-solver. Congratulations on opening your new physical therapy office in Kingston. What a resource for our community!

Alfred V. Zamm, M.D.

Work History
Jul.99-Jun.07: Kingston Hospital, Saugerties Satellite
Clinical Supervisor & Physical Therapist
    *Specialty in Integrative Manual Therapy approach to spinal and extremity dysfunction.
Jun.05-Jun.06: Catskill Mt. Physical Therapy
    *Physical Therapist, independent contractor.
Apr.91-Jul.99: Kingston Hospital, 371 Broadway
Director of the Sports & Physical Medicine Department & Physical Therapist
    * Opened three physical therapy satellite clinics, including designing, equipping, site procurement and instituting OT services within the outpatient and inpatient clinical settings.
    * Supervise the day-to-day operations of all three outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy satellite sites.
Jun.85- Mar.91: Kingston Hospital
Assistant Director of the Sports & Physical Medicine Department.
    *Supervise day-to-day operations of inpatient services for physical therapy and occupational therapy departments.
Apr.83-Jun.85: Northeast Medical Plaza Physical Therapy, San Antonio, TX
Physical Therapist / Clinical Supervisor
    *0utpatient clinic setting, treating orthopedic and neuromuscular impairments and injuries.
    *Clinical Supervisor of Physical Therapy Assistant students.
Mar.83-Dec.83: Bodimetrics, San Antonio, TX
Physical Therapist
    *Home health physical therapy setting.
May'82-Mar.83: Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital, San Antonio, TX
Physical Therapist, Staff PT
    *Inpatient and outpatient care.
May'77-May'78: Mary Cariola Children's Center, Rochester, NY
Teaching Assistant
    *School for the multi-handicapped.

1982: UTHSC University of Texas San Antonio, TX   
    *Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy, 3.5 GPA
1977: State University of New York, Brockport, NY
    *Bachelor of Arts, Modern Dance, Cum Laude
Continuing Education

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2009 Strain/Counterstrain - Visera & Lymphatic System.
2009 Optimizing Reimbursement for PT, OT, SPT Services.
2010 Evidence Based Assessment & Treatment of Shoulder Disorders & Other Related Shoulder Pathologies.

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APTA: American Physical Therapy Association
NY PTA: New York Physical Therapy Association